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Fallout: Equestria - Chapter images

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Fallout: Equestria - Chapter images

Postby Arcane_Scroll » Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:38 am

Discuss in the comments.

(For fanart, I'll start asking permission after all chapter images have been established.)

* = Permission from artist

Volume 1
[DONE] Prologue. Pipbuck - V1 by Tim Van Roeyen (in group images) V2 by Brandon Huang (Sketch Done - Digitalizing)
[DONE] Introduction. Stable door (alternative suggestion: Littlepip )
[DONE] 1. - John Elliott
[DONE] 2. - Josh Master
[DONE] 3. - John Elliott
[UPDATE] 4. - Ken Stone OR OR - John Elliott
[DONE] 5. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 6. - Josh Masters
[DONE] 7. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 8. ... -277549489 - Josh Master
[UPDATE] 9. ... 6287_n.jpg - Kayleen Wall
[DONE] 10. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 11. ... -281055124 - Josh Master
[DONE] 12. - Ken Stone

Volume 2
[DONE] 13. - Josh Master
[DONE] 14. - John Elliott or - Olav Midttun
[DONE]15. ... -288229801 - Josh Master
[DONE]16. ... sh140&qo=1 - Josh Master
[DONE] 17. ... =1&theater - Josh Master
[DONE] 18. ((New Digital Version - Needs Feedback - Brandon Huang))
[DONE] 19. - Paul Amsden
[DONE] 20. ... -280232645 - Josh Master
[DONE] 20.5 - Ken Stone *
[DONE] 21. ... -291288540 - Josh Master
Volume 3
[DONE] 22. ... -285541038 - Josh Master
[DONE] 23. ... -290933816 - Josh Master
[DONE] 24. ... t#/d4r2hf0 - Josh Master
[DONE] 25. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 26. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 27. ... 290692687- Josh Master[DONE] 28. ... _Final.jpg - Kathryn Shaw
[DONE] 29. - Josh Master

Volume 4
[DONE] 30. - Josh Master
[DONE] 31. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 32. OR Ken Stone *
[DONE] 33. Ken Stone *
[DONE] 34. Ken Stone *
[DONE] 35. ... espair.jpg - Kathryn Shaw
[DONE] 36. ... odwing.jpg - Kathryn Shaw
[DONE] 37. Fluttershy -> OR castle -> ... -277550445 -Josh Master
[DONE] 38. Littlepip on mattress. Ken Stone *

Volume 5
[DONE] 39. - Kathryn Shaw
[DONE] 40. Ken Stone *
[DONE] 41. - Olav Midttun
[DONE] 42. ... -279888757 - Josh Master
[DONE] 43. - Hugh-John Stockton
[DONE]44. - Josh Master
[DONE] 45. Shadowed version of Alexander Petzen and Ken Stone's picture by Olav Midttun
[DONE] Epilogue. - Brandon Huang
[DONE] Afterwords. - Josh Master

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Re: Fallout: Equestria - Chapter images

Postby Pugs » Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:46 pm

Perhaps this will be an appropriate spot to post this. I find it odd this hasn't been mentioned anywhere. Ah well.

Anyway, in the book there are separator images, like the cogs to represent a break in time, and the memory orb to signify a memory orb sequence.
The thing is, the cogs are simple, plain black and very sharp, they look good in the book. On the other hoof, the memory orb is grey, which looks nice, but it has small details around it which don't appear clear/sharp when printed in the book.

Attached is a photo of my book, around the ribbon you can see the blurry grey parts.

In my view, a small complaint, but something others might find more irksome.
I just thought for the next printing this could be tidied up if people so desire, and someone is willing to take the time to change them.
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Re: Fallout: Equestria - Chapter images

Postby Winji » Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:30 pm

I checked the books too and I noticed that too, but honestly if you hadn't mentioned it I probably wouldn't.
Like you said that's nothing to really complain about.
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Re: Fallout: Equestria - Chapter images

Postby Neztep » Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:18 pm

Unfortunately artifacts like that are going to happen on a print like this. They can't be seen on the computer screen which is why they got through and the printer resolution at the printing company is absurdly high so it will always pick them up. I will be sure to go through and clean them up for the second printing.

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