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FAQ - Read This First

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FAQ - Read This First

Postby zemming » Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:34 pm

In general:

For the latest news, including any new printing announcements, always check the homepage.

To stay on top of project updates, you might want to look into, which will email you when the homepage updates. Or If This Then That which will email you when new posts on the forums are made. Or if you're savvy you can use the site's RSS feed.

Fallout: Equestria 3rd Printing Information:

Imagine wandering through the wasteland. You discover a building that is strangely intact amidst the shell-shocked ruins that once formed a city. Inside you find books - shelves upon shelves of books. Old and new books all alike in one aspect; They beckon you deeper. As you walk, your fingers run along their spines, leaving a path in the dust which stood undisturbed for centuries. You delve deeper and deeper into the depths of the building. Finally, you reach a room empty save for an ominous black leather tome which rests on a podium in the center of the room. Its gilded pages implore you to explore the secrets within.

This is The Book of Littlepip. A single-volume, leather hardcover book with lightweight paper, gilded edges, ribbed spine - the works. A book to stand the test of time. A book to define the pinnacle of what this fandom can achieve.

*** *** ***

The third printing of Fallout: Equestria features the entire, unabridged story, printed in a single black leather-bound book. (For any concerned vegans, it is technically a high-quality leather alternative).

The book features foil stamping on the title and spine, as well as a ribbed spine. The paper is 24# white lightweight (Bible) paper with gilded edges. Due to the nature of the paper, it may be more prone to damage if you are a particularly voracious page turner. For this reason, as well as the mature contents of the story, this deluxe edition of Fallout: Equestria may not be appropriate for younger readers.

How do I buy the book?
The third printing of Fallout: Equestria was a limited-edition printing; as such we currently do not have any copies available for sale.

Is chapter 20.5 included?
Yes. Chapter 20.5, written by Pacce, is included. Because Chapter Twenty and a Half
overlaps with a few paragraphs of Chapter Twenty before expanding on the original text, it is placed in the middle of Chapter Twenty. To read the story as originally authored, simply read the first few paragraphs of Chapter Twenty and a Half, then skip to Chapter Twenty - Continued.

Please note, Chapter 20.5 contains explicit imagery which may not be suitable for younger readers.

Is chapter art included?
Yes! Thanks to the wonderful Hobbes-Maxwell for the absolutely stunning art. You can already check out the first few chapters on his tumblr:

What are the dimensions of the books?
Each book is approximately 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide
9 in = 22.86 cm
6 in = 15.24 cm

The book is approximately 1.75 inches wide:
1.75 in = 4.44 cm

If you have further questions, feel free to post to the Third Printing Questions Thread, or send us an email at

Pink Eyes Book Information:

The book is printed on 5.25"x8" paper, and bound as a dark-green hardcover with foil stamped title and spine.

What are the dimensions of the books?
The bound book is 5.5" wide, 8.25" tall, and about 1.15" thick.
(13.97cm x 20.96cm x 2.92cm)

Are dust jackets included?
Yes. The dust jacket background art was commissioned from the wonderful viwrastupr, and the rest of the designing was put together by DDBProductions.

Where's the digital version?
The Official Pink Eyes ebook can be downloaded here
To report any issues with the ebook, please PM djazz and include what device/software you're using.

Fallout: Equestria 2nd Printing Information

The books are dark-green, cloth bound hardbacks with a foil stamped titles and spines and gloss dust jackets. The paper is #50 uncoated offset paper. The complete story is split up between two books. The first contains Chapter One through Chapter Twenty-Nine, and the second contains Chapter Thirty through Chapter Forty-Five, the Epilogue, Afterword, and Acknowledgements.

Is chapter 20.5 included?
Yes. Chapter 20.5 written by Pacce is included. Because Chapter Twenty and a Half expands a few paragraphs from the original text, we inserted 20.5 in the middle of chapter 20 so there's no interruption in the storyline.
Please note, Chapter 20.5 contains explicit language which may not be suitable for younger readers. To read the story as written by Kkat, simply read the first five paragraphs in 20.5, finishing with "This was definitely going to qualify as strenuous activity. Then continue Chapter Twenty on page 383.

What are the dimensions of the books?
Each book is 9 1/4 inches tall and 6 1/4 inches wide
9.25 in = 23.5 cm
6.25 in = 15.9 cm
The books thickness are:
1.56 in = 4.0 cm
1.69 in = 4.3 cm

Where's the digital version?
The PDFs from the first printing (5-book set) are available here. They are available for personal use only, not Lulu! Please heed the conditions before downloading them.

Dust jacket PDFs for the first printing are available here and here.
The official and alternative dust jacket PDFs for the second printing are in the Dust Jackets (Second Printing) thread.

Forum Information

How do I register for the forums?
Head over to the forum homepage and click on the "Register" link towards the top right. Or reach the form directly here.

I'm having trouble using this message forum.
Here's the FAQ for the forums.

Lastly Refrain From Spamming
We know you have exciting things to say but try to keep posts in the relevant threads so we can best respond to you.
e.g. if you have questions that aren't answered here, feel free to post them in the FoE third printing, FoE second printing, or the Pink Eyes question thread.

If you have further questions, the project team can be reached directly through the IRC channel, or at

The Fallout: Equestria Print Project is operated by Eos Completions LLC.
All property is (c) and/or TM of their respective owners.
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