Music to listen to while reading pony fanfics

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Fallout: Equestria First Printing
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Music to listen to while reading pony fanfics

Post by Wisdom Thumbs » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:14 am

Been meaning to make this thread for a while. Basically, post the music that you listen to while reading pony stories. Just what it says on the tin. Feel free to include explanations as to why you listen to any song in particular while reading about colorful equines (especially those in the wasteland). This is also an opportunity to introduce other people to your favorite pony fanfictions.

And naturally, there will be SPOILERS.

Here's mine:

The Immortal Game:
Shinedown - "Devour"

Ponies Make War/The Immortal Game and "Devour" were practically made for each other. The song is pounding, badass, and it's by Shinedown. What more could you want? And the story itself was kick-ass.

Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door
Christina Perri - "Arms"

This song was playing on the radio in the next room while I was reading the later chapters of Dangerous Business, and it conjured up very fitting images of Applejack being held and comforted by her family. It fit pretty well with Rarity and Dash's story arcs, too. Which reminds me that somebody still needs to make a PMV of Celestia waiting on Nightmare Moon's return to the tune of Perri's "A Thousand Years."

Fallout Equestria:
Thriving Ivory - "Kiss the Rain"

As for "Kiss the Rain," I never really listened to it until after the story had finished. But I'm including it because I wrote up a mock script for an imaginary FO:E music video featuring the song, and Kkat herself thanked me for it (she may have also said that it made her tear up, if I'm remembering correctly). It fits the long-distance relationship between Littlepip and Homage as it stands at the end of the story. The lyrics are perfect, if a bit sappy.

I didn't actually listen to any music while reading the original Fallout Equestria. I could never find a song that fit it. It's just one of those stories that defies the need for a theme song or soundtrack, I guess.

Project Horizons:
Clutch - "The Regulator"
Wye Oak - "Civilian"

I haven't gotten around to reading any other side stories yet. I intend to go through Pink Eyes and Murky Number Seven, then branch out from there, but all in due time. In the meanwhile, Project Horizons scratches that Fallout Equestria itch for me.

"Civilian" has just clicked for me ever since I first heard it. The lyrics hew very closely with Blackjack's journey through the Equestrian Wastes, and the song has that distinctive guitar twang to it that gives it that Project Horizons feel. It feels and sounds 'western,' but with a post-apocalyptic flavor. It's even got kind of a galloping beat to it toward the middle, and it always struck me as a depressing, ominous song.

As for "The Regulator," I heard it on Walking Dead and couldn't get it out of my head while reading a FOE:PH chapter the next day.
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