Introduce yourself to the forums!

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Fallout: Equestria First Printing
Fallout: Equestria First Printing
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Re: Introduce yourself to the forums!

Post by scootayay » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:45 pm

Haha, I'm happy to hear that my post was useful :twilightsmile:
Edit: Almost forgot to say hello. Howdy Captain^^

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Fallout: Equestria First Printing
Fallout: Equestria First Printing
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Re: Introduce yourself to the forums!

Post by Teraphim » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:07 am

Hi Captain Radiator! Welcome to the forums!

Don't worry about it being to long, its always nice to here about everypony's interests! :pinkiehappy:
And the last couple of chapters of FO:E PH have been even crazier than usual. :bwalk:

And for all you 2nd printing peeps, come on and introduce yourselves! :pinkiebounce:
Surviving the biggest crisis of your life is all well and good, but just remember, you'll have nothing left to do once it's over. -Gene Starwind

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Re: Introduce yourself to the forums!

Post by Jugga-Wolf » Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:39 am


I hail from the UK (Shropshire, more specifically), and have been a Brony since about March '12 (although it is difficult to watch when you have 5 Brothers charging around all day, every day). Also, being 14 means I have little free time, with School and what-not :fluttershysad: )

I found out about FO:E not long ago (don't know exactly), but it REALLY gouged my interests for several reasons:

1. The Post-Apocalyptic world, plus the characters involved, really brought me in ('cause War is FUN! :pinkiecrazy: )
2. The Devotion put into the Fan-fiction is beyond that of which I have ever seen! Hats off to those involved!
3. It's MLP. What more can be said?!

Other interests include Vikings, Anime, Metal and War gaming (spec. WH40k)

Hope this is a useful insight! :twilightsmile:

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Re: Introduce yourself to the forums!

Post by IvoryKeysADSR » Sat May 03, 2014 3:29 am

Hi all, I'm Ivory.

Missed the 1st printing by couple hours, waiting for a re-print since then.
Got into mlp fandom because of Fallout: Equestria. Started making pony music, somehow got into Fo:E game project. :)

I'm a piano / synth player. Playing in a Rock/Metal band since 2006.
I'm a huge fan of progressive rock/metal (both classic and modern): Yes, Genesis, ELP, Pink Floyd, Opeth, Dream Theater, Haken, etc.
Been a Fallout fan since i got my hands on FO2.

That's pretty much all about me.
The Overmare Studios - Music Composer

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Pink Eyes First Printing
Pink Eyes First Printing
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Re: Introduce yourself to the forums!

Post by ShadowOfDeath » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:40 am

Hullo! ShadowOfDeath here, known on one pony site or other as ShadowHoof (My OC, well, my main one). I missed out on the first printing sadly, didn't hear about it until all orders were done. I was able to get in with the 2nd printing though, and now I've signed up for Pink Eyes! I hate missing out on the ground floor of anything like this >_< I would have preferred to have had Fallout Equestria in one book per volume, even if it would have cost a bit more. I missed out on the Past Sins first printing too, which means I missed some bonus stuff.

I'm getting in on the ground floor for Pink Eyes and I intend to do so for future printing projects. If anyone hears about other pony printing projects being done, please feel free to PM me about them.

Been a pony fan for a while now, since partway through Season 1, and I liked Fallout 3 (and to a lesser degree, New Vegas) a fair bit. Still working my way through Fallout Equestria. I'm on the 4th Volume ATM.

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