IRC and possible printing plans

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IRC and possible printing plans

Post by ProfessorPat » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:40 pm

For those that don't know, we do have an irc channel for this project that goes unused most of the time.

Since it seems the project has fallen through as originally intended, for those of you that think you could do something as far as organizing another run, it would be nice to actually talk about things rather than do the slow back and forth here that seems to ultimately lead nowhere. Who knows, maybe we'll actually find some people that can do this if we spend a bit of time on the subject.

So if anyone's interested, pop in to #falloutequestriabook on the network and we'll see if that gets us anywhere.
If you don't have a preferred way to connect to IRC already, you can join us through mibbit here: ... estriabook

Just a warning, if you do come around, there's only a few of us there now, all of us in different timezones. Odds are, you'll have to wait a little if you do come by, but we'll try not to be silent for too long if anyone actually shows up.

You can also just come around for no reason... we definitely wouldn't complain about having more activity in there.

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Re: IRC and possible printing plans

Post by MadMattDog » Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:18 pm

I'll hang around there when I can. I really really want this project to happen.

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