Pink Eyes - Wrap Up

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Pink Eyes - Wrap Up

Post by zemming » Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:51 pm

A huge thank you to everyone who made the Pink Eyes printing possible!

I'm new to this, what's up?
Welcome to the Fallout Equestria Print Project website & forums!

Right now we do not have any active projects. But be sure to check back here every so often; this is where we post updates including any new printing announcements.

You might want to look into or If This Then That which should email you when new posts on the website pop up. Or if you're savvy you can use the site's RSS feed.

For more information about the books, please read the FAQ.

Moving Forward
We no longer have Pink Eyes books available for sale via the signup & reserve lists. I'll probably bring a couple copies with me to cons if you can catch me there, and we may have some available nearer December depending on what comes up. But for now expect things to be a little quieter around here.

I and a few of the other team members will be at Trotcon in Columbus Ohio, and BronyCon in Baltimore Maryland. No panel or anything planned, but if you can find us say hi!

As always if you have any questions or concerns, check out the FAQ, or feel free to email us at

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