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Hey everyone,
Signups are open :pinkiehappy: , but please read this whole post before going to the form.

Just so you have an understanding of our timeline, here's what's going to happen. Signups will be open until May 4th. After that, well start taking payments hopefully around May 9th. We have files we could send to the printer, but we're going to take the rest of April to go through the books and clean up small stuff like the widows and orphans and whatnot.
My winter semester is nearing an end, and I have have finals coming up rather soon, so in the event I need more time to finish the formatting, or we need more time to set up the payment processing, or whatever, we'll just leave signups and/or payments open for a little longer.

As with the previous printing, by signing up, you agree to pay for the books when we start collecting payments. Just to make things run smoothly, we would really like everyone to pay via credit card, however, we understand not everyone has a credit card. So there is an “other” option on the signup sheet. If you select the other option, but do not email FOEPrintProject@gmail.com regarding your situation, you will be dropped from the list. Although we want as many people to be able to get the books, we can't spend the time catering to everyone's individual situation. I know in the US you can purchase Visa gift cards that act as a credit card. That would be the easiest way to pay if you don't have a credit card. Just a reminder, as long as it has a Visa or Mastercard logo on it, even if it's a debit card, you should be fine.

Just so you know, we will not be using PayPal, we are developing a custom solution to accept payments.

As for the actual books, if you haven't been following the threads, I'll just give a quick breakdown. We have completely reformatted Fallout Equestria into two books, which brings the cost down nicely compared to the original printing. Right now, we are not including chapter artwork, however, we do have an artist working on new chapter art. Depending on how much time we have and whatnot, there is a chance we will include it, but for the sake of ordering, don't count on it.

As for the cost, our estimates are based off of around 800 people signing up, which should be reasonable, but do note, the cost will change depending on how many people sign up.

The books will be about $40
Shipping Estimates:
For US: ~$10, so the total will be ~$50
Canada: ~$40, so the total will be ~$80
International: ~$55, so the total will be ~$95

So without further ado, go ahead and signup at http://book.fallout-equestria.com/signup/ (if that doesn't work, the direct link is http://goo.gl/PvymIq)
If you have any questions, post them here, the IRC channel, or email FOEPrintProject@gmail.com. My personal email is zemming@zemming.org if you need to get in contact with me specifically. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: If you want a confirmation that you are on the signup list, please post over in the signup confirmations thread.
EDIT 2: April 14th between around 1520 and 1540 GMT-0400 our spreadsheet containing the responses became unavailable. After regaining access, we noticed there were no signups listed during that time period. Although it is not unusual to have a 20 minute gap between signups, it does cause some concern that if you signed up during those 20 minutes, it may not have been recorded. If you are unsure and would like confirmation, please please post over in the signup confirmations thread. Thank you.
Posted by zemming at Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:36 am Comments (80) - Last comment by dekkonot "Re: Signups Are Open!" at Sun May 04, 2014 11:21 pm.
I hope everyone had a great April 1st :pinkiebounce:

Anyway, pretty much everything I said in the other post is true.
We are done with the major formatting of the text. Right now, we're working on the non-story stuff like the table of contents, copyright page, and et cetera. We are also hard at work redesigning the chapter break art, and figuring out how best to mark the volume numbers on the spine of the books.

We will not have a concrete date on when signups will open until we can get accurate quotes from the printer, which means we need to finish the formatting before signups can open. I don't think it would be fair to you guys to open signups before all that is nailed down.

If you have any questions, you can post them here, or feel free to talk to us on the IRC channel using the the mibbit webclient.
Lastly, I personally can be reached by email at zemming@zemming.org.
Posted by zemming at Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:52 pm Comments (10) - Last comment by mrc0mmand "Re: Actual Status Update" at Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:53 am.
Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to post a status update on the project so everyone knows about the progress we've made so far.

To begin with, we are done with the major formatting for both Book One and Two. We still need to add the section break images and memory orb images in Book Two and make sure everything looks good, but we are currently redesigning the section break image (again), so I'm holding off inserting them until we finalize the design. We also still have to layout the table of contents, the title page, the copyright page, basically all the stuff that isn't the actual story. But to reiterate, the major formatting is done, the rest of it will take time, but we're making good progress.

As far as signups, we do not have a concrete date on when those will open. We're still working with a couple companies to work out the logistics of everything. Although we could open up signups today, I don't think it's fair to you guys to do that until we have all our ducks in a row.

And just one more thing since you guys are all awesome, I'm going to go ahead and release the PDF of Book One. But, we need your help. We need you to look for any odd formatting goofs. We worked hard making sure we didn't miss anything, but it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes looking it over. Just sound off in the forums what chapters you looked over and just go through and make sure there are no inconsistencies. If you spot something, just note the page and line number and let us know what we missed. We aren't looking to change our formatting decisions at this point, we just want to make sure everything is consistant and looks good.

As usual, if you have any questions, just post them in the forum, or join us on the irc channel.

Edit: file remove, and IRC link changed to the actual IRC webchat.
Posted by zemming at Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:27 am Comments (3) - Last comment by Worldenterer "Re: Major Project Status Updates!" at Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:31 pm.
Hello everyone!

Since the other post is 14 pages long, and the information is a bit hard to find, I figured I would make another post that makes it easier to understand what is going on.

Myself, mrc0mmand, DDBProductions, yetanothername, and callumgare are working on the second printing. We started in early February, and we have been making good progress, so I feel safe when I say we are doing a second printing!

To answer a few quick questions:
How do I buy the book?
Right now, you can't. That's what we're working on. You can always print your own though if you want.

We don't have signups open right now, and it's too early to say for sure when they will be open. We want to open them as soon as we can, but we have work to do on our end before we can nail down a date. More on that in a bit.
I would recommend subscribing to the RSS feed, to get notifications when new stuff is posted.

Now on to the second printing details:

The first printing was a 5 book set, one volume per book, and cost around $86 for people in the US. We want to get the cost down so more people can afford the books, since that seems to be a deal breaker for a lot of people. So, we are completely reformatting FO:E and will be printing two books instead of five. The first book will have volumes one two and three, and the second book will have volumes four and five. The reformatting will also reduce the page count, which combine with only printing two books, should lower the cost. Shipping will be marginally cheaper just because the books should be lighter and take up less spaaace, but if you are outside the US, plan on the shipping being expensive regardless.

Right now, I am working on the formatting and am making good progress, but it's a long road, and it takes time. Formatting is really what will determine when signups are open, since I don't want to start taking names until I know I have files I can send to the printer.

Myself and the others working on the project are usually on IRC on canternet at #FalloutEquestriaBook. If you don't have a client, you can join using the mibbit web client.

Just a note, if you do stop by, we aren't all staring at the chat, and we're in different timezones. So don't be deterred if no one respond immediately, just wait a bit.

Other that that, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here. I also can be reached on IRC as zemming. Anyone voiced and above (they have a +, %, @, or ~ in front of their name) is working on the project and should be able to answer questions. If you need to PM someone, please ask before hand. Finally I can be reached by email at zemming@zemming.org.

P.S. Arcane_Scroll wanted me to mention that he is not involved in the printing. Please don't spam his email asking questions he won't be able to answer.

EDIT: added callumgare to the list of people actively working on the project.
Posted by zemming at Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:14 pm Comments (100) - Last comment by Worldenterer "Re: WE'RE BACK! -- Under New Management!" at Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:16 pm.
It seems with my announcement and the following sorrow has woken up the other admins despite my reassurance of proof that this project was dead. I slapped Death in the face? Turned into a ghoul? no clue but we are back on. It won't be sudden as ourselves need to go into major overhaul so this doesn't happen again but I can share some info.

-All refunds have been completed, I have seen the account myself.
-Wepay(or whatever it is called) account will be coming within the week.
-Weekly Meetings/Announcement of where we are at so we do not dissapper again.

So on my part, I apologize for the doom and gloom story yesterday, though not quite sure if it was a bad thing cause fires were lit and plots were burnt. I don't like smiles but this somes up the situation.

Posted by ThePuzzldPirate at Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:57 am Comments (138) - Last comment by sorathecrow "Re: WE'RE BACK And life turns around, makes a liar out of me" at Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:05 pm.

December 16, 2011...Of course I started a little earlier than that, surfing the internet almost taking a week to find this group when it was not even hitting 100 members. We have come a long way from then, what started as nothing more than a novel idea into actual physical evidence. I make myself sound more important than I really was as while I put my time into it, there is not a single thing I could point at and say "I did that." However I was there with my stick poking and pressuring, helping to get the momentum(even if I had to jump in and get dirty myself) to get the work done, This project had its up and downs. Ups being able to have the book finished in my hands. The downs when I murdered the project in the first degree by chasing away the one person that made it possible. I don't think there has been any other time in my life when a consequence had me throwing up in a potty potty on the 45th floor of a high rise.

It was a great ride but this one has reached the end, at least with us being the ones driving it. Momentum has been at a stand still, it has been like this for months starting all the way from the first print. Many of us were so content just to have the project finished that it was hard to get back on the saddle. We pushed on regardless though not wanting to disappoint but sadly it wasn't to be. What would take days would take weeks, what took weeks would take months. Soon there was periods where admins wouldn't talk for months. When members come more active than the people running the show, you know things have gone into the deep end. XD

There is no one to blame. I myself went MIA for almost two months fighting my own demons. Life continues to move on no matter what you wants, sometimes the roadblocks are big enough to drag you with it. You people have been great to talk/work with and I would do it all over again if I had the chance.

For those hoping for the second print, I apologize too you, It was something we all wished but we can't fulfill it. I'm telling you all so you can make attempts to make other plans. I wish you all with the best of luck.
Posted by ThePuzzldPirate at Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:46 am Comments (14) - Last comment by Prism Smasher "Re: TIS A LIE! WE ARE BACK!" at Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:30 am.
I said I would update when I got new info and I do finally have some. I have been given access to the Paypal account and will be sending out refunds, all I am missing at the moment is the list of who to refund but I have info on how and which order. Refunds are happening in order of received money and so far we have made it up to May 4th. I will spend a couple hours a night sending them out until we are finished.
Posted by ThePuzzldPirate at Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:38 pm Comments (38) - Last comment by SilentEdge "Re: Refunds 2" at Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:59 pm.
Unfortunately paypal decided not to cooperate with us this year. And its too late in the season to reorganize things with Wepay. So here is what I am going to do:

A. I am going to refund everybody
B. I am going to set things up with OKpay
C. I am going to contact people that have orders placed currently and ask if they want to place an order in the new system
D. We'll take orders over the summer and that allows us all year to get organized for next summer
E. I'll sacrifice another year of no internships for doing books
Posted by Autunite at Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:55 pm Comments (80) - Last comment by ThePuzzldPirate "Re: Refunds" at Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:19 pm.
Unfortunately the invoice requests have been scattered among so many different emails and lists that it is hard to keep track of who I have and haven't replied to. So for the interests of simplicity if you haven't heard back from me about invoices please send them to this email: foerequest@gmail.com I will work to respond to them as they come in this weekend.
Posted by Autunite at Fri May 17, 2013 5:52 am Comments (49) - Last comment by Jake2632 "Re: Paypal Invoice Requests" at Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:55 pm.
Sorry my friends. You may have noticed that I have been rather inattentive for the last month and a half. It is because I was doing a project for senior level class I am in... and I am a freshman. Ironically the things I designed could appear in the fallout universe. You can see an image of the design here: http://imgur.com/a/m74XK

This project has is what has been sucking up all my time and caused me to go multiple days in a row without sleep. Now that the design is finished rest assured I will be able to send you guys your payment confirmations and do everything else that is needed for the project this summer.

P.S. If you are interested Nixie tubes are old displays that were invented in the 50's. Eventually I plan to integrate this project with a holotape player which I have half built.
Posted by Autunite at Wed May 08, 2013 5:48 am Comments (19) - Last comment by Autunite "Re: Lo! I am not dead!" at Fri May 17, 2013 5:53 am.
Okay, looks like some slots opened up in the main list due to cancellations and duplicates. So, we are opening up a waiting list, first come, first serve. Being on the list is no guarantee of getting a set, just a chance. Signups will be pulled from the waiting list to fill in empty slots in the main list.

You can sign up here.

Posting this to Reddit would be helpful, if someone wants to :twilightsmile:
Posted by Arcane_Scroll at Tue May 07, 2013 12:25 am Comments (10) - Last comment by Green Goblin "Re: Waiting List Open" at Thu May 23, 2013 7:38 pm.
Please be patient though, I can only send 200 a day. Also, people ordering more then one set will get personalized invoices sent.

If you put special instructions in the shipping notes, like gift wrap and such, then we will try to send out updated invoices as we go through them manually.
Posted by Arcane_Scroll at Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:23 am Comments (90) - Last comment by kidak0 "Re: Payment Notices Are Being Sent Out" at Fri May 10, 2013 10:05 am.
Sorry for the long black out my friends. I am currently finalizing things with paypal, and Kayleen is getting quotes from the printers. The emails for pricing will come soon I promise. I am still learning the ropes from Alex on how to manage this massive project.
Posted by Autunite at Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:13 am Comments (22) - Last comment by Generaallucas "Re: Finalizing things" at Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:07 am.
Thanks for signing up everyone, emails will be sent out when we have the cost/shipping details.
Posted by Arcane_Scroll at Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:37 pm Comments (37) - Last comment by Generaallucas "Re: Signups are now full!" at Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:09 pm.
That's right guys, we've bumped our limit up to 800 thanks to the fellas over in San Diego willing to help us out with the shipping.

[strike]Head over to ******/ and sign up.[/strike]
Sign ups are closed up guys! We're at our 800 limit.

If you want to know if you are already on the list, check your inbox and junk folder for a confirmation email. If you can't find it in either of those send us an email, or pm on the forums or facebook.
Posted by RPpirate at Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:58 pm Comments (56) - Last comment by lolwhat_95 "Re: Sign ups Re-opened" at Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:51 am.
Hey guys we are considering expanding a little so we can go over the limit I set earlier. What we really need is some people that live in the San Diego area. We still haven't agreed exactly on how we would do this but the basic facts remain. I need a guy to help me ship books. Depending on how we do this we may be able to continue to ship books when I go back to college in the fall. So if you live in the San Diego area or know somebody in the San Diego area please contact me here or on facebook. I am George Bushnell there.
Posted by Autunite at Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:56 am Comments (19) - Last comment by Calessa "Re: A call for help (San Diegans needed)= More Books for all" at Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:49 am.
We will No longer be accepting pre-orders since we have gone over our limit. Thankfully not by much but we have still gone over regardless.

However the waiting period is still the same. We will not be sending out quotes until late February. Thank you everyone who signed up. It's very appreciated. Happy waiting everybody. :cwalk:
Posted by RPpirate at Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:33 am Comments (50) - Last comment by Thyrranoid "Re: -ATTENTION EVERYPONY-" at Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:49 pm.
Sorry for the confusion but there seems to be many people asking this question, either by asking or going as far as asking for the price. For us to have Pink Eye's hard covered, we need to have the sources which is the story actually formatted and the pics drawn for them. While I am glad you guys are excited, lets turn that excitement to productivity and get the first step done. XD

Check what needs to be done on the Pink Eyes page, there is nothing stopping us from formatting while the printing is going.
Posted by ThePuzzldPirate at Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:11 pm Comments (2) - Last comment by Pallefj "Re: 2nd Print of FOE, Not Pink Eyes." at Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:33 am.
The time has come everyone. The second printing has begun. Before I get you all more info on how to order a set I just want to take the time to thank everyone for waiting so patiently. Myself and all of the admins thank you very much. Now, on to the second printing info!

For all of you who are getting a set, whether it's your first or your second set there are going to be some actual deadlines this time and some general rules.

[*]Starting from now until February the 17th, you will be able to sign up for a set.
[*]You do not have to pay now but Do not sign up if you will not be able to pay for your books. This makes it harder for everyone.
[*]The reason you do not pay now is because we will be getting a quote after we learn how many people have signed up for books.
[*]The last sets were 73 USD if you need a general idea.
[*]If you can please include your phone number in the sign up notes so we can contact you easier.
[*]When you sign up, remember to set the project as Fallout: Equestria [Second Printing]

Now that the rules have been established, to sign up for your set, go to:

Happy new year everypony.
Posted by RPpirate at Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:49 pm Comments (121) - Last comment by zeldapunkgrrl "Re: Second printing." at Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:39 am.
Hey all, first of all, thanks for being patient through are silence and decided to give an update on where we are.

As for the second printing, this is something that is taking a little longer than we hoped to get ready. The problem is the people that made the first print successful isn't able to do it a second time due to life taking importance. This also includes the staff that we have moved around to fill positions. While this print will go smoother from knowing more, it is also going to take longer to accomplish because of having less time to dedicate to the project. We apologize we couldn't meet demand before the holidays but we are hoping we can get started very early(Jan-Feb) next year.

This doesn't mean we are dead however, while the site is an huge improvement over Facebook, we were saddened that we lost a huge amount of activity when we tried to shift over. The more activity this group has, the faster things get done as we build both momentum and motivation. Here is a list of things we are hoping to get started before the end of the year:

FAQ UPDATE: Sorry this is taking so long to do. XD

PRINTING TUTORIAL: A step by step guide for people so they can set up their own prints or print themselves. covering everything down to legality.

PINK EYES PROJECT: Will be making a detailed list of things we need, from pictures, logos, and fonts, contact with the author soon to get started.

Will add an edit if something has slipped my mind.

Pony on <3
Posted by ThePuzzldPirate at Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:00 pm Comments (37) - Last comment by ProfessorPat "Re: Announcement for Nov 17th, 2012" at Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:22 pm.

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