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Few questions regarding personal printing

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:22 pm
by Spood
Hi everyone. I am new on this forum, and I'd like to ask a few things.

I'd like to get a physical copy of FO : E and as the latest printing was some time ago already and third printing isnt planned (yet ?) I'm left with the only option of printing it myself. And as the costs can be quite big I may combine with some other friends interested aswell and thus reduce the price per book.

-So first of all : am I allowed to do so ? I do not plan to sell the books nor to publish them in my name (or at all), it is just for my personal use (and my friend's) so I guess it is fine, but just to be sure.

-What are the book specs ? I know from the FAQ that it is in 16x24cm, but I'm not sure about all the rest, and as I'm new to printing books and stuff I am a bit confused :
*type of paper ? Offset 90g / ivory / white / 100g ?
*cover ? 250/300g ? Bright/dull (may have mistranslated here)

-Are the version19 PDFs complete ? Or is there any news on the 2nd printing PDFs ? (2 books instead of 5 may cost less)

-where can I find the covers if there are specific ones (unless only dust jackets have a design) ? And how to include them ?

And finaly do you have any website or company to advice me (I live in France) ? I think is not a choice to make if I understood correctly. Should I know anything else before going ahead ?

Thanks for your answers and advices

Re: Few questions regarding personal printing

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:11 pm
by Spydude
Although the third printing is not official yet, it does sound like they are working on something; you might want to wait for that. Doing your own print is allowed, but hardcover is expensive. Softcover is a cheaper alternative, but you don't get the nice hardcover feel. Deciding this is up to you (and your wallet). The books (print one) specs are 23.5cm in height by 15.9cm in length. Thickness is: 1) 3.2cm, 2) 3.2cm, 3) 2.4cm, 4) 2.3cm, and 5) 2cm, although the image seems kind of like the thicknesses might actually be in reverse with 5) being 3.2cm. Check this site out and look at the picture. I don't know the type of paper used, try googling/looking around this site. The cover was green with Fallout: Equestria inscribed upon it in gold, the dust jackets only had the full designs. If you want dust jackets order them seperately from the books. Like you said is not an option because they publish as well as print. I am unable to recommend any websites for this because I have never done it myself.

I hope this answers some questions you may have had,


Re: Few questions regarding personal printing

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:02 am
by Spood
Thanks for your answer :)

I will wait a bit for eventual announcements ^^
It's been quite some time since the last printing, I hope a new one is indeed planned in near future. Printing is really expensive unless you have enough people ordering at the same time (for a single print it could go above 100€ easily depending on the company).