"title":"FAQ - Read This First!",
	"posted_text":"Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:57 am",
	"updated_text":"Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:05 pm",
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	"faq":"Alrighty, there are a lot of very common questions that are being asked and we need a place where everyone can get those questions answered.
\nI'm having trouble using this message forum.<\/strong><\/span>
\nHere's the FAQ<\/a> for the forums. I have no idea why the forum doesn't have a link to it anywhere so I added it. \":pipshrug:\"
\nWho made money off of this?<\/strong><\/span>
\nNo one ever made any money off of this. They never had, and they never will. Any money left over will be quickly donated to one of the many charities out there.
\nIsn't X person going to be mad you did this?<\/strong><\/span>
\nWe can't say yes but we can't say no. The chances are unlikely since no money was made anywhere and everything that was paid for was precise payments for precise things.
\nDid you get Kkat's permission to do this?<\/strong><\/span>
\nYes, we got Kkat's permission, and she was loosely involved in the design process. It's also her wish that we refrain from further proofreading the books, so that there won't be multiple versions floating around.
\nABOUT ORDERING: As of now, we are not doing the second order. We will start a second printing after the first order has shipped and we have re-grouped onto a new website. Thank you for your patience.<\/strong><\/span>
\nHow much will this book cost?<\/strong><\/span>
\nCheck out
this post<\/a> for price estimates
\nCan I still sign up?<\/strong><\/span>
\nNot quite yet, we are in between printings and need to finish the one we are currently on before we can begin the next round.
\nCan you ship to (insert country that isn't the United States)?<\/strong><\/span>
\nWhere are the PDF's?<\/strong><\/span>
\nPlease see
This post<\/a> concerning the PDF files. They are now available for personal use only, not Lulu! Please read the restrictions.
\nBook Information<\/strong><\/span>
\nThe book is being printed as a cloth bound hard back with a foil stamped title and spine. The paper is #50 uncoated offset book paper. The entire story is split up into five separate volumes.
\nWhat are the dimensions of the books?<\/strong><\/span>
\nEach book is 9 1\/4 inches tall and 6 1\/4 inches wide
\n9.25 in = 23.5 cm
\n6.25 in = 15.9 cm
\nThe volumes' thickness, in order:
\nIs the number of available copies limited?<\/strong><\/span>
\nNo, everyone that signs up and pays for a copy will receive one.
\nWhen will the sign ups for the second printing start?<\/strong><\/span>
\nThere is no exact date yet, keep posted.
\nIs chapter 20.5 included?<\/strong><\/span>
\nYes it is, at the end of book 2 with a note\/warning attached.
\nHope this FAQ helps answer a lot of new people's questions!<\/span><\/strong><\/span>
\nLastly Refrain From Spamming<\/strong><\/span>
\nWe know you have exciting things to say but as we approach the end of this production cycle we need to be able to see people posts asking questions about the book, pricing, and shipping. To provide a quality service we must be able to respond swiftly without having to dredge up important posts.
\nIf you have further questions ask the admins
\nThey are:<\/strong><\/span>
\nGeorge Bushnell (Autunite)
\nNathan Cartee (Rainbowdash64)
\nAlexander Petzen
\nDylan Smith (Beatlebrony)
\nConnor Johnston
Christelle Carrier (Metapsionic)<\/a>
\nKayleen Wall
Arcane Scroll<\/a>
\nRyan Bergman" }